Executive Committee

The tasks of the Executive Committee are to:
a. Receive agenda items.
b. Plan the agenda for Council meetings.
c. Review issues to be addressed by TPCH and assign to the appropriate
d. The Chair serves as the point of community contact.
e. All communications from TPCH to the general public shall be reviewed by the Council Chair or Vice-Chair for approval. This includes, but is
not limited to press releases, proclamations, and media relations.
f. Announce all intention to apply for funding to General Council for approval.
g. Provide the opportunity for the General Council to participate in contract and MOU review.
h. Review MOUs and contracts. Ensure all deliverables are submitted by the fiscal agent to funders in a timely manner.
i. Review and issue a written report on status of all contracts and MOU activities on a twice yearly basis.
j. Approve and present a written quarterly financial report to the General Council.
k. The Chair or Vice-Chair will approve all check requests.
l. Provide oversight of membership recruitment and retention.
m. Perform other duties as requested and approved by General Council.

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