TPCH Continuum of Care Board

The Continuum of Care Board is an independent body comprised of community stakeholders who are committed to furthering TPCH's work to prevent and end homelessness in Tucson and throughout Pima County. They CoC Board serves as the primary decision-making body for the TPCH and oversees regional planning and funding activities conducted by TPCH.

Board Officers

Chairperson: Daniela Figueroa, Director of Programs, Youth On Their Own

Vice-chairperson: Jocelyn Muzzin, Coordinated Entry Specialist, Southern Arizona Veterans Health Care System

Treasurer: Melissa Benjamin, Housing & Homelessness Services Director, Our Family Services


Silvia Chavez, Homeless Education Coordinator, Arizona Department of Education

Erina Delic, Program Coordinator, Pima County Community Action Agency

Jodie Earll-Barnes, Human Services Project Supervisor, City of Tucson

Nona Eath, Administrator, City of Tucson Public Housing Authority

Shannon Fowler, Program Coordinator, University of Arizona SIROW

Gilberto Gutierrez, Program Manager, La Frontera Center

Emma Hockenberg, Homeless Intervention Program Manager, Primavera Foundation

Tom Litwicki, Chief Executive Officer, Old Pueblo Community Services

Rachel McMenamin, Grantwriter, Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation

Ed Sakwa, Chief Executive Officer, Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse

Jocelyn Muzzin, Southern Arizona VA Health Care System

Luis Ortega, Director of Programs, Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation

Christy Parker, State Homelessness Project Coordinator, AZ Department of Economic Security

Stephanie Santiago, Youth Action Committee Delegate

Pia Seebach-York, Financial Stability Program Director, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

Jenifer Darland, Homeless Programs Manager, Pima County Community & Workforce Development


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