The TPCH General Council is our collaboration’s membership body, which meets quarterly on the second Thursday of February, May (our Annual Meeting), August, and November. It is composed of two types of members:

  1. General Members, anyone who is interested in ending homelessness and in issues related to homelessness, attends meetings, and engages in discussion.
  2. Voting Members, those members who regularly participate in both General Council and committee meetings and fill out and submit a membership form. Voting Members make and second motions, vote on motions and elect members of the TPCH Board of Directors to open seats at the Annual Meeting.

To become a voting member, an agency or individual must.

  • Complete and submit a membership form to the Board Secretary-Treasurer; and
  • Attend three (3) meetings of any combination of the following: General Council meetings, Standing Committee meetings or Subcommittee meetings within a three-month period.
  • Retain voting privileges by continuing to attend at least one committee meeting each quarter and attend at least every other General Council meeting (that is, not miss two consecutive General Council meetings).

We invite you to join us as either of a General or Voting Member. To become a TPCH Voting Member, begin attending meetings and fill out the membership form below.

The next meeting of the TPCH General Council is scheduled for Thursday, May 13, 2021, 3pm-5pm.  

Download the May 13, 2021 General Council Meeting Agenda

Download List of Current TPCH Voting Members as of May 2021

Download the February 11, 2021 Draft General Council Meeting Minutes

Past Meeting Minutes

Meeting Calendar

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