The Coordinated Entry Committee provides expertise, oversight and guidance to the CoC Board related to the TPCH Coordinated Entry System.

Committee Meetings

All committee meetings are open to the public. Meeting information is available at

Committee Responsibilities

  1. Recommending policies and procedures to improve and expedite the Coordinated Entry process to the CoC Board.
  2. Engaging in on-going planning and evaluation of the Coordinated Entry system at least annually.
  3. Expanding housing and service linkages including but not limited to education and employment services within the Coordinated Entry system.
  4. Expanding and improving coordination among outreach, shelter, diversion, and homelessness prevention and eviction prevention resources within the Coordinated Entry system.
  5. Monitoring participation and utilization of the Coordinated Entry system among Continuum of Care and Emergency Solutions Grant projects; reporting participation and utilization information to the CoC Board.

Committee Members

Chairperson - Melissa Benjamin, Our Family Services

Vice-Chairperson - Vacant, Needs appointing

Valerie Grothe, La Frontera Center

Cristina Hernandez, Community Bridges, Inc.

Emma Hockenberg, Primavera Foundation

Sgt. Jack Julsing, Tucson Police Department

Betty Bitgood, Hope of Glory Ministries

Magali Lopez, Pima County

Patricia Scott-Lopez, Arizona Complete Health

Vacant, Lived Experience Seat

Past Meeting Minutes

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