The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Committee provides expertise, oversight and guidance to the CoC Board related to the TPCH Homeless Management Information System.

Committee Meetings

All committee meetings are open to the public. Meeting information is available at

Committee Responsibilities

  1. Reviewing and providing guidance to the CoC Board regarding TPCH’s HMIS capabilities, software selection, and planning recommendations.
  2. Reviewing HMIS data quality to include data completeness and data accuracy and reporting this data to the CoC Board, membership, and HMIS participating agencies.
  3. Reviewing, updating, and overseeing policies and procedures concerning HMIS data and its use.
  4. Reviewing and recommending for approval the Point in Time Count, Housing Inventory Count, Annual Performance Report, Longitudinal System Analysis, System Performance Report, and other HUD data submissions to the CoC Board.
  5. Conducting on-going evaluation of HMIS system and gathering user feedback to improve the HMIS experience.

Committee Members

Chairperson - Anna Billings, Old Pueblo Community Services

Yvette Gonzales, Pima County

Melissa Scaff, City of Tucson

Valerie Grothe, La Frontera

Mike Edmonds, Community Advocate

Patti Scott-Lopez, Arizona Complete Health

Kristina Abril, Primavera Foundation

Vacant, Committee Member Seat

Vacant, Committee Member Seat

Past Meeting Minutes

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