Continuum of Services Committee purpose:

The Continuum of Services Committee is responsible for:

a. compiling, reviewing and making available to the Board information concerning the inventory of housing and supportive services to individuals and families who are homeless; completing an annual gaps analysis; identifying emerging needs of those at imminent risk of homelessness and engaging other homeless service organizations in addressing those needs;

b. recommending to the Board the development and enhancements of a comprehensive and coordinated assessment system and standardized assessment tools to be used across the TPCH Continuum of Care;

c. recommending to the Board proven strategies for prioritizing the use of Emergency Solutions Grants; acting as a liaison between and among city, county, state, and federal funding sources for the Emergency Solutions Grant; advising on the selection of grant recipients, performance measures, alignment with goals and evaluation procedures; and, presenting identified service gaps to the Board for discussion;

d. expanding community-wide economic development opportunities and strengthen individual financial stability, including creating an inventory of all employment programs within the TPCH Continuum of Care and educating member organizations about these resources;

e. advocating for and providing education to young adults exiting foster care, and individuals discharged homeless from hospitals, jails, prisons and other institutions; developing and distributing a resource list appropriate to each population served; and,

f. coordinating providers of education and homeless services for youth to plan for outreach, prevention, education, and evaluation of homeless youth programs.

Committee Minutes


Operation Deep Freeze (ODF) is CURRENTLY OFF 

Operation Deep Freeze (ODF) is Tucson's winter severe-weather emergency shelter for people experiencing homelessness. ODF goes into effect when weather predictions are for overnight temperatures of 40°F or lower with rain, 35°F or lower without rain, or when wind chill factors indicate a health hazard from exposure. You do not need an ID or a TB card to participate in ODF.

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