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Your housing can help end homelessness for those who are most vulnerable.

Landlord Benefits

Arizona Landlord Incentive Program

What is it?

The AZ Landlord Incentive Project (ALIP) helps Arizona Landlords support statewide efforts to provide safe, affordable housing for individuals and families, ending their homelessness. ALIP helps Landlords by reducing vacancies by providing regular referrals of eligible, screened individuals, and compensating them for physical damages or vacancies related to leasing to individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

In exchange, all you need to do is:

  • Agree to accept referrals of formerly homeless individuals from our housing providers.
  • Agree to participate in the ALIS program at lease up.
  • Submit timely documentation of any damages or vacancy loss.


Throughout the United States, communities have successfully reduced the number of people experiencing  homelessness.  The key to this effort has been the use of “Housing First” strategies that place people experiencing homelessness into housing and apartments as soon as possible with adequate housing based service supports.  This strategy has been shown to successfully help end homelessness, particularly for individuals with serious mental health, physical disabilities, or substance abuse issues.  While there are housing programs to cover rental subsidies, it is often difficult  to find rental properties willing to lease to people with a history of homelessness due to the perceived stigma and risks including:

  • Potential damage and repairs caused by tenants experiencing homelessness due to mental health  or substance abuse issues.
  • Residents abandoning units or evictions resulting in lost rent and costs to find new tenants.
  • Challenges of having to deal with difficult mentally ill or substance abusing tenants.
  • Negative prior experience renting to formerly homeless tenants.

ALIP is the Solution

The ALIP program provides landlords with additional support when leasing to tenants experiencing homelessness who are participating with Housing Subsidy programs. Participating Housing Subsidy Providers will provide referrals of eligible tenants with rental assistance funds. ALIP provides supplementary funds to mitigate potential economic losses that might arise from damages or unfulfilled leases related to serving individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

As a Landlord, if you agree to accept referred tenants from our list of selected providers, ALIP will:

  • Cover up to $2,000 in damages or deductibles for a 1BR or smaller unit ($3,500 for 2BR +) above any rental deposit.
  • Provide up to $1,000 to cover a lost month’s rent due to eviction, abandonment, or other premature termination of the lease. The Housing Subsidy Provider will work to re‐fill unit within a month.
  • Provide up to $1,000 to hold a unit open while Housing Partner identifies a new tenant from the program.
  • Provide reimbursement of documented claims within 30 days.
  • ALIP requires minimal paperwork for most reimbursements.

To get started, contact Catholic Charities Community Services at (928) 583‐4989 or download the brochure below.

AZ Landlord Incentives Program Brochure


Operation Deep Freeze (ODF) is CURRENTLY OFF 

Operation Deep Freeze (ODF) is Tucson's winter severe-weather emergency shelter for people experiencing homelessness. ODF goes into effect when weather predictions are for overnight temperatures of 40°F or lower with rain, 35°F or lower without rain, or when wind chill factors indicate a health hazard from exposure. You do not need an ID or a TB card to participate in ODF.

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