The Performance, Evaluation and Monitoring Committee is responsible for:

a. ensuring that the internal processes of the Continuum of Care , including its articles, policies procedures are being carried out as intended;
b. monitoring recipient and sub-recipient performance, evaluating outcomes and recommending to the Board performance improvement plans for poor performers;
c. developing and recommending to the Board continuum-wide performance targets in consultation with recipients and sub-recipients.

Committee Minutes


Operation Deep Freeze (ODF) is CURRENTLY OFF 

Operation Deep Freeze (ODF) is Tucson's winter severe-weather emergency shelter for people experiencing homelessness. ODF goes into effect when weather predictions are for overnight temperatures of 40°F or lower with rain, 35°F or lower without rain, or when wind chill factors indicate a health hazard from exposure. You do not need an ID or a TB card to participate in ODF.

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